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The weather guards are built to protect the EV charging units and can be fully customisable according to each clients needs.


  • Attachable / Detachable unit
  • Fully customizable
  • Solar powered
  • LED lighting
  • Light weight
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Powder coat finish
  • Recyclable
  • Full Graphics and Design on units
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Multi-Industry Custom

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Cantilevered shelters & walkways

Cantilevered shelters and walkways provide enhanced aesthetic solutions and are the preferred solutions where there is high foot traffic and constrained footpath space.

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Bike shelters

ARA Shelters is the leading supplier of commercial bike parking shelters equipment to the New Zealand market.

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Concept designs

3D concept designs provide a realistic graphical representation of the intended solution.

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Custom shelters

For some projects narrow, sloped or challenging terrain; unique and varied usage applications demands a shelter customised and tailored for purpose. 

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Metro bus shelters

The shelter uses a number of proprietary extrusions to produce an attractive, scalable and cost-effective shelter that provides the public with a superior level of comfort and safety.

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Modular bus shelters

The modular style provides a strong, low maintenance and cost effective shelter.

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Park & ride

ARA Shelters & Structures was also chosen to design and build a major portion of the Hibiscus Coast Park and Ride shelter development for Auckland Transport.

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Sport shelters

ARA Shelters & Structures suppliers a variety of sports shelter to customers throughout NZ for hockey, netball, bowls, soccer and other sporting activities.

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Major stops/interchanges

Interchanges tend to be customised shelters designed to a variety of functional applications.

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Weather Guard for EV Charging Units

The weather guards are built to protect the EV charging units and can be fully customisable according to each clients needs.

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Industry Specialisation

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